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Dev Diary - Generating ADF Data Flow Mapping using Biml

Written by Roelant Vos on 8.18.2021

In this first dev diary post we show the basic Biml syntax to create Data Flow Mappings for Azure Data Factory

Delta Lake on Azure work in progress – introduction

Written by Roelant Vos on 7.29.2021

In this development blog series, we explain how inline data sources and Delta Lake in particular will be supported in BimlFlex

Important BimlFlex documentation updates

Written by Roelant Vos on 7.12.2021

Important documentation updates on our BimlFlex reference documentation

Introducing the BimlFlex Community Github Repository

Written by Roelant Vos on 5.12.2021

We have rebranded the 'BimlCatalog' public open source repository on Github to BimlFlex Community.

The Fastest Snowflake Data Vault

Written by Peter Avenant on 6.10.2019

In the webcast, we demonstrate how you can switch between HashKey and BusinessKey implementations and also configure multiple Snowflake compute warehouses for extreme parallel loading.

Snowflake Integration Powered by BimlFlex

Written by Peter Avenant on 3.13.2019

Using BimlFlex to create an automated and integrated data warehouse