BimlExpress Visual Studio Add-in


Biml Express

Get more out of Visual Studio with BimlExpress. Fully functional with all versions of SQL Server.

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Autocomplete features help you explore the Biml language.

Generate SSIS Packages

Generate SSIS packages from your Biml code.

Code Editor

Custom code editor with syntax coloring and error highlighting.

Most recent update: 2019-05-08. Major release with Visual Studio 2019 support, SSIS 2019 support, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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Built to work with all versions of SQL Server.

Enhance your Biml development experience within this Visual Studio add-in.

Package Generator

Generate packages within Visual Studio and avoid slow, repetitive, "drag 'n drop" workflow.

Code Editor

Write Biml code with syntax highlighting, making it easier to read and write Biml.

Aligned Ship Cycles

Rapidly release updates that work with the most current versions of SQL Server.

The best way to write Biml for free.

Giving you the best experience while developing with Biml in Visual Studio.

BIDS Helper


  • Compatible with all versions of SQL Server 2005-2016.
  • Beautiful code editor with better syntax highlighting.
  • Ability to add cool new features in future releases!
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BIDS Helper



Relational Databases
Model relational database objects
Produce DDL for any ANSI SQL compliant RDBMS
Import relational database objects from Bimlscript code
Import relational database objects using visual UI
Integration Services (SSIS)
Model SSIS Packages
Generate packages (DTSX files)
Generate SSIS projects (DTProj, Params, ISPAC files)
Import SSIS packages and projects
Easier use of Feature Packs & 3rd party Task/Components
Analysis Services
Model SSAS Cubes
Model SSAS Tabular and PowerPivot
Generate SSAS cubes, tabular models, and PowerPivot
Import cubes, tabular models, and PowerPivot
Automate Biml with BimlScript code nuggets
Customize validation with your own errors and warnings
Use Transformers to modify objects and inject patterns
Organize Transformers and Bimlscripts into reusable Frameworks
User Interface
Bimlscript code editor with advanced Intelliprompt
BimlScript code editor with C# & VB code completion
Visual Designers for all Biml objects
Live view of objects as you code
Command line compiler
MSBuild support
API Access from external applications
Extend the Biml Language
Extend Mist UI
Redistribute BimlEngine binaries (OEM)
Host Bimlengine binaries in a value-added service (SaaS)
Metadata Management
Create reusable models for metadata storage
Autogeneration of metadata entry UI based on metadata models
Consistent and friendly API for accessing stored metadata With separate agreement
Plugin model allows storage of metadata anywhere With separate agreement

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