Mist 4.0 Released

Written by Varigence Blog on 2.12.2015



Mist 4.0

Varigence is pleased to announce the release of Mist 4.0. Now Biml users and Business Intelligence professionals around the world can develop and automate BI solutions faster than ever before. Read below to see the top ten game changing features of Mist 4.0. Then download a free trial of Mist 4.0 and see for yourself why there is no better IDE in the world for building BI solutions than Mist.

Top Ten New Features of Mist 4.0

  1. Metadata modeling - Makes the use and management of metadata a reality by providing a general purpose mechanism for creating metadata models, enforcing validation rules, and providing metadata entry user interfaces (UIs) for non-technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or Business Analysts (BAs). Mist autogenerates a metadata entry interface for non-technical users based on your metadata model.

  2. Offline schemas - Development teams can develop BI assets in a disconnected state.

  3. Full support for SQL Server 2014 - You can build and deploy your BI solution to SQL Server 2014. SQL Server 2012 and 2014 now also produce ISPAC output files for ease of deployment automation.

  4. SSIS Importer - Improved with support for importing entire projects, ISPAC files, deployed projects from SQL Server, or individual packages. The importer can now be called programmatically which enables automated import, transformation, and re-emission of existing SSIS projects.

  5. True Multi-Display Interface (MDI) – Multiple editing windows can be opened at one time.

  6. Redesigned Ribbon – Improved layout and design for easier access to most used features.

  7. Logical View - Groupings by Relational, SSIS, SSAS, Metadata, Library, Broken or Live BimlScripts. Improved management of transformers, frameworks, and build configurations.

  8. Improved connection designers – no more connection string authoring frustration.

  9. Biml Code Editor - Improved and expanded intelliprompt completion lists.

  10. Code Support – Ability to author C# and VB code files that are included with your BimlScript builds. Extension methods, helper classes, you name it!


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One Picture explains more then one million text lines! Could you make some key-screenshots and public them?

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Where I can download latest Mist version?

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