Biml Language Reference
Tasks Child Collection
Container for child task definitions.
Permitted Collection Child Definitions
  Child API Type Description
<AnalysisServicesExecuteDdl /> AstAnalysisServicesExecuteDdlTaskNode
The Analysis Services Execute DDL task runs data definition language statements.
<AnalysisServicesProcessing /> AstAnalysisServicesProcessingTaskNode
The Analysis Services Processing task processes Analysis Services objects such as cubes, dimensions, and mining models.
<AzureBlobDownload /> AstAzureBlobDownloadTaskNode
The Azure Blob Download Task provides options to download files from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.
<AzureBlobUpload /> AstAzureBlobUploadTaskNode
The Azure Blob Upload Task provides options to upload files to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.
<AzureHDInsightCreateCluster /> AstAzureHDInsightCreateClusterTaskNode
The Azure HDInsight Create Cluster Task creates a new Microsoft Azure HDInsight cluster.
<AzureHDInsightDeleteCluster /> AstAzureHDInsightDeleteClusterTaskNode
The Azure HDInsight Delete Cluster Task deletes an existing Microsoft Azure HDInsight cluster.
<AzureHDInsightHive /> AstAzureHDInsightSubmitHiveJobTaskNode
The Azure HDInsight Hive Task submits a Hive job to Microsoft Azure HDInsight.
<AzureHDInsightPig /> AstAzureHDInsightSubmitPigJobTaskNode
The Azure HDInsight Pig Task submits a Pig job to Microsoft Azure HDInsight.
<BackupDatabase /> AstBackupDatabaseTaskNode
The Back Up Database task can back up one or more SQL Server databases.
<BulkInsert /> AstBulkInsertTaskNode
The Bulk Insert task is an efficient method of copying large amounts of data into a SQL Server table.
<CdcControl /> AstCdcControlTaskNode
The CDC Control Task provides a variety of options for CDC control operations on a CDC-enabled SQL Server database. It corresponds directly to the CDC Control Task in SSIS 2012 and higher (
<CheckDatabaseIntegrity /> AstCheckDatabaseIntegrityTaskNode
The Check Database Integrity task runs the DBCC CHECKDBT Transact- SQL command to verify the integrity of the database.
<Container /> AstContainerTaskNode
AstContainerTaskNode corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services sequence container task.
<ControlFlowPart /> AstSsisControlFlowPartReferenceTaskNode
AstControlFlowPartReferenceTaskNode enables the referencing and import of either an externally defined SSIS control flow part by its file path or a Biml-defined SSIS control flow part by reference.
<CustomTask /> AstCustomTaskNode
The AstCustomTaskNode type supports custom and third party SQL Server Integration Services tasks.
<Dataflow /> AstDataflowTaskNode
The AstEtlRootNode type corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services dataflow task.
<DataProfiling /> AstDataProfilingTaskNode
The Data Profiling task helps you to solve data problems by profiling specifed columns and column relationships in a data source.
<ExecutePackage /> AstExecutePackageTaskNode
The Execute Package task allows packages to run other packages as part of a workflow.
<ExecuteProcess /> AstExecuteProcessTaskNode
An Execute Process task can run business applications or batch files as part of a package workflow.
<ExecuteSQL /> AstExecuteSqlTaskNode
The Execute SQL task runs SQL statements during package execution.
<ExecuteSqlAgentJob /> AstExecuteSqlServerAgentJobTaskNode
The Execute SQL Server Agent Job task runs SQL Server Agent jobs specified in a maintenance plan.
<ExecuteTSqlStatement /> AstExecuteTSqlStatementTaskNode
The Execute T-SQL Statement task can be used to add specified Transact-SQL statements to a maintenance plan.
<Expression /> AstExpressionTaskNode
The Expression Task will execute an SSIS expression. It is often used as a convenient host for variable assignments or to serve as a placeholder for control flow branching.
<FileSystem /> AstFileSystemTaskNode
The File System Task performs commands against specified files and directories.
<ForEachAdoLoop /> AstForEachAdoLoopNode
The Foreach ADO Loop enumerates tables or table rows in data that is stored in a variable.
<ForEachAdoNetSchemaLoop /> AstForEachAdoNetSchemaLoopNode
The Foreach ADO.NET Schema Loop enumerates specified information about the data source.
<ForEachFileLoop /> AstForEachFileLoopNode
The Foreach File Loop enumerates files in a folder.
<ForEachFromVariableLoop /> AstForEachFromVariableLoopNode
The Foreach From Variable Loop enumerates enumerable objects contained in a specified variable.
<ForEachItemLoop /> AstForEachItemLoopNode
The Foreach Item Loop enumerates items in collections.
<ForEachNodeListLoop /> AstForEachNodeListLoopNode
The Foreach Nodelist Loop loops through all the nodes of an XML file that is the result of applying an Xpath expression to an XML file and enumerates and lists specified elements.
<ForEachSmoLoop /> AstForEachSmoLoopNode
The Foreach SMO loop enumerates a SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) obect on a specified instance of SQL Server.
<ForLoop /> AstForLoopContainerTaskNode
AstForLoopContainerTaskNode corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services for loop container task.
<Ftp /> AstFtpTaskNode
The FTP task downloads and uploads data files and directories as part of an Integration Services workflow.
<HistoryCleanup /> AstHistoryCleanupTaskNode
The History Cleanup task removes old, unneeded historical information from the database.
<MaintenanceCleanup /> AstMaintenanceCleanupTaskNode
The Maintenance Cleanup task removed unneeded backup files or other maintenance-related files from the specified locations.
<Merge /> AstMergeTaskNode
The Merge task changes a target table based on the the results of a join with a source table.
<MessageQueue /> AstMessageQueueTaskNode
The Message Queue task can send and receive messages between SSIS packages or to an application queue processed by a custom application. The messages can contain simple text, files, or variables and values.
<NotifyOperator /> AstNotifyOperatorTaskNode
The Notify Operator task sends notification messages via e-mail, pager, or net send to SQL Server Agent operators.
<RebuildIndex /> AstRebuildIndexTaskNode
The Rebuild Index task restores the free space on index pages.
<ReorganizeIndex /> AstReorganizeIndexTaskNode
The Reorganize Index task rearranges index pages to improve their search order.
<RetryContainer /> AstRetryContainerTaskNode
AstRetryContainerTaskNode is an abstract type that creates a for loop container that will automatically re-run all child tasks as many times as is specified.
<Script /> AstScriptTaskNode
The AstScriptTaskNode type corresponds directly to a SQL Server Integration Services script task.
<SendMail /> AstSendMailTaskNode
The Send Mail task sends messages to specified recipients about tasks, events, and outcomes of the workflow.
<ShrinkDatabase /> AstShrinkDatabaseTaskNode
The Shrink Database Task, if possible, reduces the size of the specified databases.
<Staging /> AstStagingContainerTaskNode
AstStagingContainerTaskNode is an abstract type that creates one or more tables at the beginning of the container, executes child tasks, and then destroys the created tables at the end of the container.
<TransferDatabase /> AstTransferDatabaseTaskNode
The Transfer Database task copies or moves a database between two instances of SQL Server.
<TransferErrorMessages /> AstTransferErrorMessagesTaskNode
The Transfer Error Messages task copies user-defined error messages from one instance of SQL Server to another.
<TransferJobs /> AstTransferJobsTaskNode
The Transfer Jobs task copies SQL Server Agent jobs from one instance of SQL Server to another.
<TransferLogins /> AstTransferLoginsTaskNode
The Transfer Logins task copies logins from one instance of SQL Server to another.
<TransferMasterStoredProcedures /> AstTransferMasterStoredProceduresTaskNode
The Transfer Master Stored Procedures Task copies user-define stored procedures frome one master database on to another master database on a different instance of SQL Server.
<TransferSqlServerObjects /> AstTransferSqlServerObjectsTaskNode
The Transfer SQL Server Objects task copies objects in a SQL Server database from on instance of SQL Server to another. The version of SQL Server being used determines what types of objects can be copied.
<UpdateStatistics /> AstUpdateStatisticsTaskNode
The Update Statistics task updates SQL Server information about data in tables and indexes. SQL Server uses the information to improve query plans.
<WebService /> AstWebServiceTaskNode
The Web Service task executes a Web service method.
<WmiDataReader /> AstWmiDataReaderTaskNode
The WMI Data Reader task uses the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Query Language to run queries about a computer system.
<WmiEventWatcher /> AstWmiEventWatcherTaskNode
The WMI Event Watcher task watches for and responds to Microsoft Windows Instrument (WMI) events.
<Xml /> AstXmlTaskNode
The XML Task retrieves XML data, performs specified operations, and saves the updated documents to specified files or variables.