Business Intelligence IDE

  • Single model for Data, ETL, and Cube
  • Metadata-driven Development
  • Reuse and Enforce Design Patterns and Best Practices
  • 100% SSIS / SSAS Compatible
  • C# and VB.NET Based Scripting Language

“You can deliver the project late, or you can use Mist.”

- Andy Leonard (CSO, Linchpin People)


Visualize Your Entire BI Solution

Mist provides visual designers for everything you can describe with Biml. This means that your connections, database models and schemas, principals, file formats, SSIS packages, SSAS cubes, and more can all be viewed in one place through one tool. Even better, making a change in one place will automatically update all of the affected objects. Make changes in one place and watch your entire solution update itself with Mist and Biml!


Your Secret Weapon to Impress Managers and Clients

Management sometimes doesn't get that a great tool can save hundreds of hours of work, but we do. Mist is a tool that will make management take notice, yet will fit seamlessly in your existing workflow. Actually no one even needs to know you're using Mist (there's no required runtimes or additional servers), but we do hope you won't keep us secret for too long. The best part is that with our free trial and affordable subscription pricing, anyone can quickly get started and use the tools without breaking the bank. Our subscription pricing will even fit within most discretionary budgets.


Import Your Existing Solution

You've probably already invested a lot in your existing solutions and frameworks and can't even contemplate starting from scratch. With Mist, there is no need to. You can import your existing databases and SSIS packages - apply BimlScript automation to add new functionality - and regenerate the packages with your changes. Mist and Biml are flexible allowing you to start with what you have and making it better.


Autogenerate Documentation

Mist automatically generates documentation for your solution and enables you to customize anything you need to, whether by adding your own descriptions or customizing the look and feel for you organization or client. Using BimlScript automation, you can even automatically load documentation information from existing sources, such as data dictionaries. Documentation autogeneration is normally purchased as a separate tool that usually only documents a piece of your solution. With Mist it comes built-in.


Only Cavemen Should Write In Stone

Changing business requirements are a part of business, but typical business intelligence tools treat them as an exceptional event. With our powerful BimlScript capabilities, Mist makes it easy to change requirements, not just in a single local file, but throughout a project, even if it requires complex business logic in the change. The technology is here -- don't be a caveman.


You're a Developer, Not a Plumber

Do you spend all of your time creating the same plumbing over and over again? Mist makes it simple for you to do the plumbing once, and then easily reuse it in the future. This allows you to focus on new problems and solutions, rather than the same old ones you've solved many times before.


Remember When BI Development Was Fun?

Mist makes business intelligence fun again by removing the frustrations of typical BI tools. In Mist easy problems have simple straightforward solutions. And hard problems are made simpler by allowing users to easily decompose them and to share components all in a simple to use IDE. And unlike other BI frameworks, we realize that one size doesn't fit all. We give you the tools to access the bare metal or to fly at 20 thousand feet. BI just became fun again.


Do You Know Where Your Team's Wisdom Is Accumulated?

Your team probably has years if not decades of BI wisdom, but where is that wisdom kept? If that wisdom is held in the heads of your senior developers then we can help. Mist provides a concise mechanism to codify your accumulated BI wisdom and best practices with templates, transformers, and scripts. This provides two key benefits: (1) Others can easily resuse this wisdom and best practices; and (2) junior developers can easily learn by reading Biml. no more need to create fragile example ffiles in SSIS that illustrate key patterns - exposing your team to high risk of human error, and making it prohibitively expensive to change patterns in the future.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- Rethink How You Do BI

With Mist we have brought important techniques and technologies, such as version control, unit testing, and code reuse, to BI and made them available in an easy to use system. The end result is fewer lines of code, greater reuse than you thought possible, and the ability to recycle across many projects. Rethink how you do BI and you'll find you waste a lot less time.