IDE for Business Intelligence

Reenergize your business intelligence development projects with Mist, our IDE for accelerated business intelligence solutions. Analysts and developers can edit Biml code directly or use the intuitive visual designers to maximize the speed and efficiency of the development process. Mist enables seamless enterprise deployment across a single model for data, ETL, and cube- all with 100% Microsoft SQL Server compatibility.


Microsoft Excel Enhancement

This powerful add-in for Microsoft Office extends Excel with new features that will allow your organization to more effectively collaborate, while at the same time greatly simplifying the process of building insightful reports, even against the most unwieldy SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP or PowerPivot cubes. You will soon never want to use Excel without Vivid.


Business Intelligence Markup Language

Relational models, transformations, business logic, cubes, reports, ownership, deployment - Everything about your business intelligence solution is authored in one unified and easy-to-use language: Biml. Varigence employs the latest developer tools and data flow analysis to use Biml as a foundation for all of our advanced BI capabilities.


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